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Feb 23, 2021

This episode is a unique conversation that I get to have with former mortgage fraudster & current true crime writer, Matthew Cox. We discuss how he went from mortgage broker-owner to being convicted to almost a quarter of a century in prison! He shares details on how he was able perpetrate one of the largest mortgage frauds in history; his perspectives on life before, during and after prison; and what we should be prioritizing in our lives and businesses.

Matthew Cox is a former mortgage broker & convicted fraudster. He falsified documents to make it appear that he owned properties, and then fraudulently obtained several mortgages on them for 5-6 times their actual worth. He acquired millions of dollars during his crime spree across the southern and southwestern US, eventually landing him on the United States Secret Service's Most Wanted list.

Matthew was arrested on November 16, 2006, indicted on 42 counts of fraud, and was sentenced to 26 years in prison.  His sentence was later reduced to 15 years, and has was released in July 2019 after 12.5 years. His story has been featured on Dateline NBC, CNBC’s American Greed, as well as in Fortune magazine, BloombergBusinessweekPlayboy magazine, and many other media outlets.

Matthew is currently a painter and true crime writer, and he wrote a personal memoir titled "Shark in the Housing Pool” and sever other true crime books currently available on Amazon. Check out his titles on Amazon here:

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