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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple: to help mortgage & real estate professionals build more modern and relevant business. Sought-after industry experts share firsthand experience and advice to help create more effectiveness and efficiency. MME is a founding member of the Industry Syndicate Podcast Network.

Mar 29, 2019

Christine Beckwith is a 30-year veteran of the mortgage industry.  She won awards and received accolades in mortgage sales originations as she moved up from a Loan Officer seat all the way to her Regional sales management roles, while consistently producing at the top 5%.  For the past 18 years she has run mortgage...

Mar 1, 2019

Rene is a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership advisor, and world class sales expert.  Rene has shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, George W. Bush, Magic Johnson, Ken Blanchard, and Jeffery Gitomer.

Over the last 20 years his company has trained more than 100,000 people in applying...