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Sought-after industry experts share first-hand experience & advice to help real estate & mortgage professionals build more modern and relevant business. MME podcast is hosted by Phil Treadwell.

May 31, 2019

Dale Vermillion is the Creator of the award-winning Mortgage Champions Selling System, author of  Navigating the Mortgage Maze, and the exclusive trainer for Lending Tree University.  Dale is considered the mortgage industry’s preeminent sales, leadership, and customer service expert.

With over 36 years of...

May 3, 2019

Dan Ellis is an author, digital marketing expert and business growth coach.  He began his mortgage career as a LO in 1999 and by 2008 he and his branch helped over 3700 families and funded $953 million in loan volume.  In 2009 Dan stepped away from the industry for 6 years to focus on his health and fight his worsening...