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May 4, 2020

This is a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT EPISODE from Social Survey, with CEO Scott Harris & SVP of Client & Partner Relations Craig Pollock.  We announce the Top Performing Individuals & Top Performing Companies from 2019!  Awards are announced for the top small, medium, large, and jumbo company sizes, as well as the overall winner and remaining Top 10 from the Individual Performers category!

SocialSurvey empowers businesses to put Customer Experience (CX) data in motion to drive real-time business outcomes. We focus on interactions within customer, employee and product journeys. We help great companies improve experience, reputation and revenues. Our unique, player-integrated approach to customer feedback yields powerful insights while amplifying online reviews, marketing automation and local search rankings. We focus on people and relationships, bringing our team together for a common goal: to Create WOW moments for customers, partners and employees.

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