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Sought-after industry experts share first-hand experience & advice to help real estate & mortgage professionals build more modern and relevant business. MME podcast is hosted by Phil Treadwell.

Sep 7, 2018

Matthew Sullivan is the Founder & CEO and of QuantmRE, a blockchain and crypto currency startup that supports homeowners by helping them sell a fraction of the equity in their home without taking on more debt.  He was a stockbroker and corporate financier in the City of London, he worked with Richard Branson’s corporate finance team, and was appointed Director and Trustee of Virgin’s London Air Ambulance. 

 Matthew co-founded the $50M Secured Real Estate Income Strategies Fund, and was Founder & President of, a real estate crowd funding company.  In his spare time he is a helicopter pilot and the host of his own podcast, “Hooked On Startups.”