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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple, to help mortgage professionals build their business and do mortgage marketing better. Top mortgage industry experts share useful content and tips that originators and managers can use to build a more effective and efficient business.

Sep 7, 2018

Matthew Sullivan is the Founder & CEO and of QuantmRE, a blockchain and crypto currency startup that supports homeowners by helping them sell a fraction of the equity in their home without taking on more debt.  He was a stockbroker and corporate financier in the City of London, he worked with Richard Branson’s corporate finance team, and was appointed Director and Trustee of Virgin’s London Air Ambulance. 

 Matthew co-founded the $50M Secured Real Estate Income Strategies Fund, and was Founder & President of, a real estate crowd funding company.  In his spare time he is a helicopter pilot and the host of his own podcast, “Hooked On Startups.”