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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple, to help mortgage professionals build their business and do mortgage marketing better. Top mortgage industry experts share useful content and tips that originators and managers can use to build a more effective and efficient business.

Aug 24, 2018

Cindy Ertman is National Success Strategist for RPM Mortgage, a division of LendUS, and is the CEO & Founder of Mortgage Master Pro & The Defining Difference.  Cindy was recognised as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine for 4 years in a row and was named in the Top 100 Mortgage Loan Originators in the U.S. by Mortgage Originator Magazine for more than a decade. 

Cindy has now dedicated her life to empowering the growth of others, and has a goal to help her clients get more out of life by making powerful, intentional choices to propel their income and achieve their peak performance, nurture their health and wellness, build connected referral relationships and accelerate their success in 7 key areas of their life by removing the blocks that limit their potential.