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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple: to help mortgage & real estate professionals build more modern and relevant business. Sought-after industry experts share firsthand experience and advice to help create more effectiveness and efficiency. MME is a founding member of the Industry Syndicate Podcast Network.

Aug 17, 2018

Jen Du Plessis is a highly sought after speaker, author, consultant, trainer, and coach. She is the author of of “LAUNCH! How to Take your Business to New Heights” & founder/host of the Mortgage Lending Mastery Podcast. In Jen’s workshops and training sessions she shares strategies she has applied in reaching her annual goals, while still maintaining a commanding lifestyle. Jen advises and guides her personal coaching clients through systems, structure, implementation and goal setting based on her own experience.

Jen began her mortgage career in 1983, after studying Architectural Design & Construction Engineering at Colorado State University. Jennifer has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post; and is a regular contributor to Mortgage Executive Magazine and Mortgage Women Magazine. She has been on Good Morning America, Sirius/XM Radio and Federal News Radio. Jennifer has been an adjunct Professor with several Universities in the Mid-Atlantic area. She has been named in the Top 1% and Top 200 Loan Originators in the US.