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Jul 8, 2021

In this episode I chat my new friend Conor Murnane. He and I discuss everything from the growth of Tesla and the rise of content marketing on social media, to Clubhouse and whether or not we should be scared of platforms like Zillow.

Conor is a Strategic Business Advisor with Zillow who helps real estate professionals leverage the internet to sell more homes. His strategies have allowed him to work with and for the top teams and agents in the real estate industry, proving successful results in his personal and professional life.  With more than a decade in the business, Conor is determined to help others grow their success by documenting his lifestyle and practices through articles, podcasting and other social media outlets.  His content includes tech trends, investing, fitness, real estate strategies and his life in San Diego where he lives with his wife and three children. Follow him on Instagram: @conor_murnane

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