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Jun 3, 2021

In this episode I have an incredible conversation about content creation and social media with one of the best in the game, Kyle Draper. We cover talk about everything from audio content through podcasting and Clubhouse, to the how-to about video and why it's still one of the most powerful tools for building a big business. Kyle shares tactical tips on using video and social media to grow, and we peel back the layers to go a little deeper into the mindset side of marketing and building a strong personal brand.

Kyle Draper a social media coach, National Speaker and host of the “The Social Media Mindset” which was recently released last month and has already made it into the top 150 on the Business Marketing lists in the US and Canada. Kyle helps mortgage and real estate professionals make money without spending money on ads, by coaching out to grow their social media organically. Find him on social: @coachkyledraper & check out his website:

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