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Mar 26, 2021

In this episode I talk with NYC luxury real estate broker Sean McPeak. We discuss innovative selling strategies in today's market environment, ways to solidify referral partner relationships with agents, and how close we are to cryptocurrency and tokenization of properties in real estate.

Sean McPeak is the Founder of the McPeak Team at SERHANT in NYC, with over 11 years of experience working on globally recognized teams in the high-end luxury sector.  He has sold more than a half-billion dollars in resale and new development property, and he has a successful track record of negotiating some of NYC’s priciest listings. His keen perspective, professionalism, and commitment make him a trusted authority when guiding his clients during turbulent deals and markets. He is adaptable to specific client needs and goals, and he is attuned to the many personal, financial, and logistical challenges that go into any sale.

Sean continues to innovate at SERHANT through his work on new development projects, helping developers adapt to the evolving marketing landscape and reach their ideal customers around the world. Developers seeking to take their properties in a new direction rely on Sean for his novel use of experiential marketing, social media, and digital channels to increase visibility and traffic. To learn more about Sean, follow him on Instagram @sean_mcpeak or go to:

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