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Mar 19, 2021

In this episode I have my good friend Brian Covey as a guest, and he and I discuss the need for companies to implement new business models after the changes in business practices COVID required this past year.  We focus on what specific branches should have for their teams and integrating modern life into modern business.  We also get into the details of leadership, community, culture, and blending them into social media to acquire the connections you want.

Brian Covey is a Regional VP at loanDepot and is very passionate about being part of a championship team, equipping those individuals with the tools to excel, leadership development & leading change in our industry. Growing up in Memphis, TN his love for the sport of soccer led him to travel the world, compete at the highest levels & experience so much that has shaped Brian into the husband, father & leader he is today.

He started the Brian Covey Show podcast in 2020 to connect amazing people in his network to share their stores of overcoming adversity & setbacks and turning those into wins on & off the field. This led to Brian’s book “Conversations with Covey” being published, highlighting some of his favorite guests packed with inspiration, hope & actionable steps to help people win their game in life no matter where they are.  Brian is also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council & serves on various committees. He has an amazing wife & 3 awesome kid. He also enjoys playing & coaching soccer & working out at Iron Tribe Fitness.  For more about Brian, connect with him on Instagram @thebriancovey or check out his website:

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