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Feb 9, 2021

In this episode CEO Scott Harris shares details behind the recent SocialSurvey re-brand to, and we dive deeper into why it's so important be in tune with the customer's voice throughout the sales process, not just at the end.  He also spills details that 'haven't been shared on any other podcast' including the name the company almost went with, and the stories behind: the domain acquisition and the newest additions of Brittany Hodak & Kristin Messerli.

Originally founded as SocialSurvey in 2015, has one of the best Experience Management Platforms (XMP) available anywhere, with features to drive operational and behavioral change, in real-time, during the moments that matter. XMP delivers impactful business outcomes including increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, online reputation and visibility, as well as improved employee engagement, and compliance - making every experience matter more. Learn more about the new platform on their website, and follow them on Instagram: @experience_com

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