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Dec 31, 2020

In this episode I have a fun conversation with my good buddy Alec Hanson.  We get back to basics and talk about how each of us got started in the mortgage business, and how those messages apply to today.  We also talk about how to kill it in 2021 and what trends are coming and how to capitalize on them.

Alec Hanson is a contemporary leader within the Mortgage Industry. Constantly striving to improve, he began his career in origination in 2004 funding over $85M and was named Rookie of the Year by Scotsman’s Guide. Every subsequent year Hanson landed on Scotsman’s Top 200 Originator list finishing his best year at $185M. From there Hanson began coaching and growing a successful branch network in Orange County with his peak year in 2010 funding over $1B at the branch level. Hanson has received HousingWire’s Rising Star award both in 2017 and 2019 and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Production for loanDepot for the Pacific Southwest Division overseeing approximately $4B in annual production.

A dynamic coach and thought leader Hanson believes in leading and coaching within the trenches of the business, loves leading originators across the country, and is the author of loanDepot’s Modern Lending Playbook. A strategic and tactical tool designed to equip, train, and evolve the traditional mortgage professionals skill sets into the modern era. Alec is also the author of, “Bypassed: A Modern Guide for Local Mortgage Pros Left Behind by the Digital Customer” which details a systemic approach to help Mortgage Professionals succeed in the digital world.  Check him out on social: @thealechanson and his website:

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