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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple: to help mortgage & real estate professionals build more modern and relevant business. Sought-after industry experts share firsthand experience and advice to help create more effectiveness and efficiency. MME is a founding member of the Industry Syndicate Podcast Network.

May 14, 2020

In this episode I get chat with the entrepreneur’s systems coach, Khai McBride.  Khai shares the importance of organizing your process, the value of choosing & utilizing the right system tools, and the power of having the right coach.

Khai McBride is an expert in systems, database management, and mindset.  He thrives in helping mortgage professionals get unstuck by improving their business models, which makes him a highly sought-after speaker for events such as Mortgage Mastermind & Mortgage Revolution. He has a background in technology and project management, and used that knowledge to build a thriving mortgage business that funded over $500 million in just 10 years.  Today he coaches loan officers, managers, and owners to achieve their business and personal goals, with more than half of his roster doubling their production within 6 months, and a third reaching the list of Top 1% of Mortgage Originators nationwide.

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