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Oct 11, 2019

In this episode I get to interview a guy who has been my main business coach over the last year, Scott Bertone.  Scott has weaved a path of successes by being willing to persevere in spite of fear, as he lives by the principle that fear is the gateway to greatness. 

Scott Bertone is an Executive Coach with Performance Experts, and holds the Professional Coach Certification from the International Coaching Federation and has coached a wide variety of extraordinary people from the ages of 22 to 73, including CEO’s, Doctors, Corporate Executives, Housewives, Actors, Writers, Filmmakers, and College Students. 

In addition to his coaching career, he has previously started a mortgage and real estate business, an online portal, and even a motorcycle superstore.  He has worked with the Clinton White House and the Department of Defense, and he has served on the boards of companies in the worlds of technology, finance, and personal development. 

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