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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple, to help mortgage professionals build their business and do mortgage marketing better. Top mortgage industry experts share useful content and tips that originators and managers can use to build a more effective and efficient business.

May 30, 2018

Casey Cunningham is the CEO of XINNIX, the Mortgage Academy.  With more than 30 years of diverse retail mortgage banking experience, Casey is one of the most influential and trusted leaders in the industry. A close adviser to prominent executives across the nation, she has the proven ability to lead and transform organizations. Casey served as Executive Vice President of a $4 billion dollar mortgage company and earned recognition as one of the highest-ranking mortgage executives in the nation

Casey established XINNIX, the Mortgage Academy, in 2002 and has recruited and led talented men and women from diverse industries to help XINNIX become the most recognized and acclaimed sales and leadership training academy in the mortgage industry. Her passion for professional standards, education, sales productivity and accountability has empowered professionals across the nation to experience more fulfilling and productive careers.